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I love our Little Ganapati that we have at home. Let me share some pictures of the Asana that I made for Ganesh Bhagwan. I always wanted a Puja Ghar like we see in the Indian serials. I went to some shops to ask for quotations and trust me, they are very expensive. And many sell carton ones with some tin platings which have been polished to imitate the shine of silver. I was disappointed by the greed and dishonesty of many sellers. The genuine ones were costly, like very costly. I prayed to Ganapati Bappa and my imagination gave way to a cute Asana. It appeared like that during my prayer. It was like Ganapati Ji ordering me this Asana only and no other. So I bought some materials, like felt, fabric glue, hot glue gun and other things that I would be requiring. 

Ganesh chaturthi-3 #thewritechoice 3

I used carton sheets as a base. Gluing many pieces together to make them strong. Then I applied plain paper to close all the seams before adding cotton padding. After which I covered the whole with felt fabric cloth. I decorated it and offered it to Lord Ganapati. I made a little mukut for Him as well using the same idea. 

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