Dear family members,

How’s you all??

Hope you all doing well.

Under our divine father, Om Swami we all are truly blessed. May be our good karma bring all of us here under grace of divine soul. As always wants to say a lot but can’t express in words, reason is poor english😞 and sort of words😐. 

And see, what I’m suffering. I’m unable to upload this blog below 150 words. So that i need write a more😇. Really it’s tough situation for me🙃.

I have done laghu purushacharna before but as Swamiji said in boom ancient science of mantra, that if u really wants to experience the power of mantra start from Ganesh Sadhana and then Guru Sadhana. And this time i have experienced something amazing happening in me around me. 

Here I’m uploading Ganesh Sadhana steps in brief, it will be handy.

I hope it will save time and will be easy who is seeking for Sadhana.

Note: i had uploaded .jpg file before but image was not clear so that i removed that post. Now, as suggested im uploading again. Plz let me help, from this site can possible to see .pdf file or not.


Jai Shri Hari,🙏