So, Bhagirathi Ji followed the advice of Brahma Ji and started doing penance in the same fashion to make Shiv Ji happy like he was doing the penance for Brahma Ji. He did the penance for 1 year and prayed to Mahadev. Bholenath got so happy from his penance that he manifested before him and asked him what does he desire to have. Bhagirathi Ji paid his humble obeisance to Shiv Ji and told him that the intensity of Ganga Ji will destroy our planet. So,he requested Shiv Ji to take the falling Ganga Ji from Swarg in his matted long locks or Jataayein and then slowly release Ganga Ji on Earth. To this, Shiv Ji said Tathasthu. Ganga Ji on hearing of what had transpired between Bhagirathi and Shiv Ji decided to fall with such intensity on Shiv Ji’s head which will take him to Pataal Lok. So, when she took the fall, the moment she touched Shiv Ji’s head, her ego was shattered¬† and she was humbled as Mahadev trapped her in his long locks and didn’t let her get out of his locks even after million attempts. Shiv Ji then released her slowly on Earth and this is how Ganga Ji’s Avtaran (manifestation) happened on Earth.


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