In Part 1, you read about my little dream I have with regards to gardening.

However, owning a piece of land is not going to come cheap. A small shabby greenhouse comes at around Rs 20,000 upwards. Everything seems to be expensive here. And I know that the cheap plastic structure will not withstand the might of the rains, winds and cyclones that we are used to on the island. I have been thinking of buying the plastic covers that we drape our tables with. The cost would be Rs 60 for one meter, I would require 3 meters. I would attach some wooden poles costing Rs 20 each. I think 6 would be required and additional ones for support. These would help me to build a cheap greenhouse structure without much fuss. What do you think? Your ideas and guidance will help here, please. 

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 2I had a metal tube sort of structure which I shifted to the area where I wanted my garden to be. I had the wisdom to place the structure in an area where it would receive at least 8 hours of sunlight. I took some green shades, covered the area and attached them with chicken wires. I placed recyclable carton sheets at the bottom to prevent weeds from growing. I had plastic sheets going on in my mind, but on second thought, the environment and the biodiversity of my environment prevailed. 

☀️Hari Om☀️