What an amazing weekend to start with! Swami Ji’s article was posted and the amount of knowledge that we soak through these precious gems illuminates our existence. I wish to see you Guru Ji. The sun is shining bright in the azure sky of Mauritius. 

One of my passions is gardening and it took flight during the COVID confinement. There is a small garden corner that was ignored. A huge Mandarin tree dominated the area and nothing grew in its shade. During the passage of a cyclone, we lost more than half of the tree. I tried to salvage the remains as best as I could. Unfortunately, it dried up after some weeks. I cleaned the area and started tilting the soil because this is what I learnt from Pinterest 🤭🤣. 

One of my dearest wishes is to have a big area where I could:

  • plant, 
  • have a greenhouse, and 
  • start a backyard natural forest for the native animals and creatures.

🍊Hari Om🍊