What an amazing weekend to start with! Swami Ji’s article was posted and the amount of knowledge that we soak through these precious gems illuminates our existence. I wish to see you Guru Ji. The sun is shining bright in the azure sky of Mauritius. 

Garden diaries #thewritechoice 2One of my passions is gardening and it took flight during the COVID confinement. There is a small garden corner that was ignored. A huge Mandarin tree dominated the area and nothing grew in its shade. During the passage of a cyclone, we lost more than half of the tree. I tried to salvage the remains as best as I could. Unfortunately, it dried up after some weeks. I cleaned the area and started tilting the soil because this is what I learnt from Pinterest 🤭🤣. 

One of my dearest wishes is to have a big area where I could:

  • plant, 
  • have a greenhouse, and 
  • start a backyard natural forest for the native animals and creatures.

🍊Hari Om🍊

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