I thought it was only I

Who lie suffering embraced.

My room, closed windows didn’t reveal much.

I only could hear from the dark walls

my own dejected Voices.


Then someone opened my door

Pulled me outside.

My foggy lenses got wiped.

I saw suffering in different corners.

Some calling help,

Some suppressed.


So it was not only I!

But hope was unseen.

Thought this is Life’s way.


But I found her there;

I saw people ditching.

I found enough reasons for her to have a broken spine;

Yet she was standing straight, wisdom concealed.

I called her and asked to reveal

She showed a pair-wooden padukas fixed on her head

She said she was gathering grace.


Now I have opened all windows and doors;

my room is now much full and bright.

The daily circling of Sun creates dark spots, some dark corners here and there;

But I have chosen to live under those padukas;

I have chosen to live in light.

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