So as our Train and my high heart beats of first time venturing out on a lone journey to another town sped ,our Train compartment had a set of Procter and gamble Sales team comprising of 4 ( 25 ..30 year old men) ,well groomed in white ,sky blue ,cream and off white shirts with complementing navy blue ,gray ,black and dark brown trousers, white ,gray and black socks and polished bata ,liberty and Hush puppy shoes of black and dark brown colour! They had applied deodrants and i think some of them smoked too, filling the environment of train with that smoke smell and going out occasionally to rest room for a puff! Though i was busy reading my book ” Only love is real” by Brian weiss,i could judge from the young men s conversation that they were going to their Bombay head office at Napensey road for launch of a new hair colouring product, there company would compete against Loreal and some German giants in fashion hair colour would train the Delhi team on how to market that product! Since i was seeing my book most of the time and outside lush green farms with cauliflower growing in it aswelll not so pleasant shabby jhuggi jhonpri colonies just close to the station, i was engrossed in my self ,:When i had to go to the wash room ,my mom had already searched an old army man uncle just opposite my seat and asked him while making me board the train..bhaisaab ,iska khyaal apni bitiya ki tarah rakhiyega ,to which Army uncle( as he was in uniform, we got to know) had smilingly nodded, My mom had instructed me not to go to loo at stations ,as people who board or get down can take our belongings along( a very common seen in Indian railways to be duped of your luggage which is not chained ,even if it has locks) ,so 15 minutes from Ghaziabad as my hands were sticky after eating moongfalli patee( as soon as i sit in train i start feeling hungry) ,i got up to wash hands asking army uncle to take care of my black Suit case ,i took my big black boat shaped purse with traveller cheques and some cash ,tightly stuck to my chest as monkey mom carrying her infant! While going to washroom, i accidentally stepped on one of the procter gamble guy’s foot with my Marrie clare bronze colour sandal to which he squeaked as if a Dara singh stepping on a tomatoe! But his coleague said ….chhor yaar ,galti se ho gaya! I pressed my tounge in my teeth and said sorry! Any ways after washing my hands i returned to my seat reading my book, to be interrupted in 7 minutes by the most mature looking member of Sales team ,he was fair ,with green eyes and curly hair,Excuse me said he and opened his palm which clenched my gold ear ring! Oh i just touched my left ear ,just to realise while using the wash basin to wash hands ,i had combed too in the mirror just above and dropped my ear ring accidentally! Thanks ,said i! He smiled and took permission from me to sit near me! I just nodded and he asked, r u going to Bombay too? I dint want to talk to a stranger but he seemed decent and had just returned my ear ring ..basic courtesy demanded so ,So i just gave a kanjoos smile and nodded ! I m Sanjay and i live in Anand kunj apartments, just near your house said he! How could he know my house i was shell shocked…i have seen you many times waiting outside your Centre government officers flats for Charted bus ! I dint know how to react ,smile or in bewilderment or blank ,so i said yes ,i m going for a training course by my company! Have u been to Bombay was his next question and where would you be staying , i told him the truth ,so he started conversing more exchanging his and my information on our respective schools, colleges and Mba institute, i found him quite decent and non harmful so shared my information, soon there was Supper time and tomatoe soup and Soup sticks came , Sanjay till then had gone to his colleagues and i was busy putting black pepper in my plastic cup of soup , Kota station was about to come and train would stop there for good 25 minutes, i was peeping out and suddenly Sanjay came with the tray in which soup was served with a white paper table mat type menu on tray ,on that he had very creatively written with soup sticks ILU, Aswell he had a diary in his hands ,before that i was seeing him scribble something on it constantly seeing me , They were my eyes pictures ,and he smilingly and confidently showed them to me! Army uncle was about to intervene in Sanjay s over stepping his boundaries but my talking amicably and not creating a scene may be restricted Army uncle! Any ways i dint respond and said to Sanjay, its late and i m feeling sleepy ,lets talk tomorrow morning, he left like any Gentle man ,while sleeping i contemplated for 2 hours before dreams could occupy my eyes and my upper birth with constant break and aches of August Kranti express could carry me , in my thoughts were how would be future life with Sanjay ,though my heart was neutral and quite calculative so it said ,we ll be in similar marketing field ,so he ll understand my job aswell he was of same state as us ,his business card said so,though not same cast as us aswell the best M.n.c managerial level,which was quiet a promising thing! As well i thought mnc giants as Procter and gamble investigate all back ground of a candidate before employing him ,so Sanjay must be a genuine man ,he was 7 years elder to me at 30 ,but aren’t mature men more pampering and he was head over heels in love with me ! As morning Sun s pink and golden delicate sun rays reflected from the mirror of my window seat ,Sanjay came with a his diary in which he drew my eyes and asked me to sign or give some comments on it ,i was some where not too excited because i was not in love yet but was looking forward to know Sanjay more ,so that i could tell my parents I found your would be Son in law, i smiled at him and said you can take your diary in some time ! Let me freshen up and then i ll fill it with something nice , he was decent enough to leave ,also his colleagues were with him so he dint want to be termed Aashiq mijaaz ,so his mannerisms were mild and sophisticated! Before writing some good quote i had mugged from numerous autograph books of class 12 ,i just lost the page on which he had doodled my eyes! Instead as Destiny would have it i landed on a page with a format of Sanjay s bio data ( rough one ,may be he wanted its print out ,so it was a blue print) ,in that was mentioned his name ,residential adress ,educational background, professional aspirations, companies he had worked with and what Struck me and made me feel cheated was at the end….Marital status…happily married and blessed with a 1 year old son! I was furious, Bombay central station was half an hour away ,but i was alone aswell never wanted to be an individual to be mocked at in Train ,so i went to Sanjay and his colleagues seat and handed over him his diary with a thud to tell him in most unpleasant and stern face ,please dont cheat on your wife and be a responsible father! His colleagues looked at him and me in astonishment and Sanjay turned pale like a lemon! You are his cousin sister s of his colleagues asked me ,looking at Sanjay!No i m not i said and went back to my seat just packing my book and my water bottle back in my sling bag! Sanjay went from there to the next bogie ,never to be seen by me again in train ,in Bombay ,or even in Delhi ! Dont know what malicious plans did he have…as i arrived on Mumbai centeral there was a young good looking boy with a play card of my name on the station whom office had sent! Will this be my Mr right…keep glued inn!

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