Life had always been simple, we need to be focused what was always told to me by my father second of the nine siblings he was the bread earner for the family from the age of 16 and support his younger and elder siblings till they all got financially independent.
Life was simple but yet warmth of love and care was not missing. We four sibling never had to fight for anything and our upbringing was a good one. Good food and warm surroundings always kept us happy and nurtured.
Still one thing that was lacking was the efforts that us siblings had to make to get into good respective jobs, though we all are earning, have loving families and all the comforts that are needed to live.
We travel, we laugh, we explore still there could have been something more, more efforts needs to be put in so to get that effort mile in our journey, we need to think out of the box to be true to ourself.
Life won’t be fair always the ups and downs will always remain, things will changes lerning change, perspective change what makes us different, still as a family we remain together and strive hard to give the best to the next generation.
Ah the young ones, they can be tough nuts to crack, they have that we know it all attitude which can be very difficult at this stage of learning, but they don’t need to be blamed it is the digital era and we all are walking towards ‘we know all, but we don’t feel anything’.
Things won’t remain the same, they will grow and move in life but what is important is that we have to give them the right way of living.



Note: two out of the three above facts shared in the story is fiction. Request you to guess the fiction one.