Generosity and Diwali

My friend Nandini is a simple person. I feel she has imbibed this quality from her father. I have seen her father (a retired banker) tip the waiters ridiculously high whenever he went to a hotel. The security guard of her apartment also remembers her dad, as he used to always speak to him well, and tip him.

They say, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Quite true in Nandini’s case. This Diwali, she invited her cook, who doesn’t work anymore, thanks to Covid, to come home. She not only gave the cook 5k but also gave two premium boxes of dry fruits and sweets that one would normally give their rich friends. Just imagine the delight on cook’s face when this happened.

She also gave 2K bonus and boxes of premium dry fruits and sweets to her maid and the security guard of her apartment.

Nandini is one of a few genuinely generous people that I know of. She is blessed, as generosity comes naturally to her. This Diwali, let’s all be generous and share our happiness, wealth, and  sweets with those not as fortunate as us.