I was born to a very lovely set of parents who had a love marriage after meeting in their post graduation. My mother tells me ,she was so well looked after when I was to be born that my dad secretly used to smuggle eggs in earthen pot to get my mom protein intake( being a Brahman family not eating onion garlic,an unconventional thing). My mom had special craving for bananas so each day she says half a dozen were eaten by pre born me in her belly ,After coming back from his hotel job it was a compulsory norm that my father took my mom to a juice shop to get her the biggest pomegranate juice glass each evening .Along with these my yet to be dadi in hope to have a Grand son made my mom have Ghee loaded Halwa with dry fruit regularly too.My parents were aware enough to get regular gynae check ups and use to take regular vitamins and injection for a healthy baby.So the Pumpkin of their eyes was born bald at 3.5 kgs on a cold and Chilli Delhi winter night.When the nursing home was delivering all boys my Daadi s heart got shattered seeing the only girl child born that night being her Daughter in laws daughter. But seeing my robust form and almond shaped eyes( as she described) melted her! So here I was not fitting in any of the clothes my mom had purchased.Mom says her neighbor bed occupants new mother envied the Bonny not boney Baby who looked 3 months big! My father lovingly fed me double quantities of farex and  Glexo milk powder which made me grow on my first B.day to look like a 2.5 year old in hight and weight. Mom tells me I was in her lap too lazy to walk  and tore each gift pack anyone gave on my b.day exploring the gifts! None of the frocks ,dresses,jump suits or sweaters got into my big head and round tummy or were too short for me ,making the trousers 3/4th capries! Slowly I started growing and enjoying pastries and malaee chini on white bread than humble roti daal ! My parents always kept my hair boy cut and usually made me wear t shirt shorts or pajama kurta or jacket jeans boys clothes ( I think girls till they are not mature enough to be graceful and deliicate of carrying frocks or skirts ,boy clothes are a good option which I followed with my daughter too. )Once a neighbor couple even had a 200 rs bet with each other whether my parents have a girl / boy child! Once when I was 5 years old we had a big garden outside our government quarter where I often plucked colorful flowers,saw yellow butterflies and lay on grass seeing sun,a Sadhu with ochre colored clothes came and asked me to bring mom to give him alms.My mom I am least aware gave him what! Almost an year passed and the Sadhuji returned again  I was wearing a frilly frock with two cat shaped small ponies sitting in our garden when Sadhuji asked me again to bring my mom! I got my mother out when Sadhuji asked vo aapka Ghatoth katchh kaha hei??? My mom was confused till when he confirmed my last years outfit a pathaanee suit! My mom smilingly pointed at me giving hi 30 rs as charity!    To further tell how I m still.On our latest ashram visit with my brother Akshay..he kept loving teasing me chalo mere Sunny deol Der ho rahee hei!