Cleaning my book rack, I saw a book in yellowish cream paperback sandwiched between the shelf and wall. A Little forward and backward movement helped in taking it out. As I ran my fingers on the golden embossing ‘The Tao of Warren Buffett’ on cover page, I recalled how much I took pains in searching this very book. From one mall to another, from one store to another in a city like Gurgaon, I searched it like a hell. In between all those boring financial books, I explored it because of its uniqueness. It explained sayings of Warren Buffett like the teachings of Chinese Taoist master in a simple, interesting, amusing and pondering way. This book helped in opening the new windows of strategies to become rich, too simple sayings but too powerful in application. It could be the best b’day present for my friend, an investment savvy.

“Oh my Goodness! It was still with me. I didn’t post it at that time as my good friend was shifting from one city to another; I feared, it might not get lost. Therefore, I placed it on my rack and would send it after some time when he would be settled in the new place. After that this book kept slipping below slowly with the arrival of new books in my collection.

In the meanwhile we, I and my so called good friend, fought and stop communicating. Now what should I do with the book; sell it in scrap, tidily keep it on my book rack as remembrance of sweet memories or courier it to my friend’s new address?

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