26th January:- It was republic day as well as Saraswati Puja. I got ready with fresh clothes and went to one of my friends home for pushpa anjali. There was one three month old boy whom i had taken in my lap as his mother was busy. He was very tender. He could not control his neck and head. But he was playing in my lap. So I needed to be very careful.

But little did I know about his planning. After sometime when I transferred him to his grandma I discovered that he has already urinated in my lap.
Later I changed my clothes and offer pushpanjali at the feet of ma saraswati.

But why did I writing all these ?

I also can’t tell that clearly. But it was a nice experience for me. The boy has absolute faith in me. He has his shortcomings but due to his absolute Faith , it didn’t irritate me.
So is true for us. If we have absolute Faith in our ishtha devta. He will take care of our few shortcomings. We can never be that PERFECT. That doesn’t mean we should not put effort. Yes obcourse we need to put as much effort as we can to be pure. But Faith makes the journey easy.So have Faith and we all can play in divine lap with no tension.

Jai sri krishna
Jai Guru deva
Namo parvati pate har har mahadev