From last year to this, I have improved in many things, like Typing speed and quality, Reading books every day, Playing the piano freely, Doing yoga with my friends, Stopped eating rajasic foods like garlic and onions, Did sadhanas like Ganesh sadhana, Surya Sadhana, Navaratri Sadhana, etc. I have also learning to control my anger, to respect others, to not hurt others, and to be kind and helpful in every possible way. This is the improvement I got.

Now I decided to change more from “Swami Ji’s Birthday,” which is on November 30th. In order to grow spiritually and to do as much kindness as possible, I decided to give up my bad habit (if anyone is hurt, laugh at him) especially with my younger brother.

As Swami Ji’s birthday, I have made a video with my piano music (Shri Hari Aarti) for Swami ji. I hope you like it!

Happy Birthday, Om Swami Ji,

For the video- click here.

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