It is that time of the year when summer vacations have begun and they bring with them a time for fun! The kids wait for them all through the year as it is time to bond, with friends and family. A time to stay busy doing just nothing… or maybe just something. But only that which the kids enjoy!

So why not try something interesting this summer! Here are some tips. Some are from my classroom and some activities that I did with my kids when they were young. I hope you find them useful. So here you go:

Young children like structure. Ask them to maintain a to-do list. Each morning draw up a to-do list for the day and cross off from it items as they complete them, to keep track of their progress. It is nice if you can dedicate a ‘summer work area’ where they can organise all their material, it’ll teach them to be independent and organised when they grow up.

Let’s Get Booked: It is time to catch up with all the books they have always wanted to read. So, dust those book covers and get booked!

On some occasions, after they have read a story, ask them questions like who was their favourite character, why did they like the character, what they like/did not like in the story, if they were a character in the story what would they have done, is there a message in the story, how can they change the ending? These questions help them think deeper about the story. And children have some of the most amazing responses, for their minds are not as conditioned as yours.

Story Party: Get into the character’s shoes by organising a dress-up day. They can design a headgear or paint a mask, twist the tale and hurray have a party with the characters from the story! Throw in a song for that musical.

You may also visit the following sites for interesting books which are free, and have a great collection. Some even have audiobooks, which means kids can listen to the story on their own and mums would get some essential ‘me’ time: 

Virtual Tours: So what if there is a lockdown outside? We can bring the outdoors, indoors. Send them on virtual tours. Ask them to grab their sunglasses, hats, buckle their seat belts and zoom you go!

These are some places which they can explore virtually using the links given below:

The Wellness Mantra: It is important to follow a routine to stay active and fit both physically and mentally.

  • Spend time exercising together. Try some yoga asanas, do Zumba and meditate
  • Play indoor games such as Snakes and Ladders, Carrom, Bingo, Ludo, etc. If there is no lockdown in your area, then you may go out and play some outdoor games
  • Have a karaoke night
  • Learn to play an instrument.

Happy Helpers: Ask them to help out with daily chores like:

  •  Water plants
  • Sow a mango seed or any other seed, it is just that mangoes are in season
  •  Feed the birds and strays. Keep their water bowls full
  •  Fold the laundry
  •  Set the table for meals
  • Pack toys after playing
  • Tidying up the room

Do the Doodle: Doodling is a way of expressing yourself creatively. So, ask them to bring out paper, crayons, pens, turn on some soothing music, sit back and doodle those thoughts away. Get artsy and try out something new. Recycling is the way to go. Drawing, painting is therapeutic.

Flameless Cooking: ‘A family that eats together, stays together!’ You can try making sandwiches, salads, nariyal ladoos, cookies and delicious milk shakes. Enjoy them together as a family.

Reflection Journal: It is a great habit to teach them to self-reflect, to spend some time each day to ponder over their actions, explore more of themselves and appreciate the little things in life. They can write their experiences in their reflection journals.

As you try a variety of new things, you can also capture these moments by clicking lots of fun pictures. These will later become memories for you to cherish. Remember children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate!

This is my first post on so please forgive any mistakes that I may have made. It is a long post and thank you for your patience.

I hope you found some of the activities useful. Do write in the comment section below and let me know which one worked for you and any interesting anecdotes that you may have to share.

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