When we talk about love there a millions of definitions by millions of people but what I received from my Gurudev was the simplest and most truthful and it says that love is unconditional and object specific,there are no conditions for love or I say true love ,it is boundlessly free from conditions. A girl or the mother nature teaches it to the entire universe that when you love you settle down.love is the most important thing that happens in the life of this human creature ,love is all around us all the time ,it’s just about how much you can feel.It the medicine for your heart. A girl child needs to be special taken care in early childhood ,her feelings should never get hurt by any means ,in the development of her personality the parents should feed her with spoons of care,love,wisdom, nourishment, emotional care.Her education is also important ,she should be given a free hand in whatever she desire to be in life with wisdom and knowledge.