A few days ago, I saw the status of someone on WhatsApp about hathras case and I felt bad for that girl but I did not think much. The reason why I did not bother much was because a rape story has become a regular story now. Sadly, rapes happen in our own homes too on a daily basis. Only some stories are exposed and most of the stories get hidden by our own family members. When people started posting about that case, I did a Google search and read the whole story. It brought tears in my eyes and fear in my heart. I just don’t understand where these cruel people originate from. How can they lead their lives this way? How can a man hurt or kill a girl so terribly?

We can see Nirbhaya case, Priyanka Reddy case, hathras case, the crueller Asifa’s case and those hidden cases which never came into light out make us wonder why the society made stringent rules for women to not go out at night and so on. I remember the time when my grandmother was not ready to send us to co-ed school because we had to study with boys too. I am not implying that all boys are bad but some of them create a bad image that affects everyone. In today’s world, it is very hard to trust anyone.  

So I just want to say that all girls and women need to take care of ourselves. We cannot be dependent on our government and media. Rapes are common now. The media is busy covering news concerning only drugs or some other not-so-important news about awareness and so on. So I even don’t expect anything from the media or Government but I want the women to stand up for themselves and be aware.

I remember talking about gender inequality in one of my university debate competitions where I set a controversial statement about what will happen if a girl starts raping boys?  What would society do? Think about it. Rape affects everyone actually.

So women of all age groups must take care of themselves and always be prepared to defend themselves in face of danger. Try to live bravely. We all need to stand strong together guys!

And an important message for the society and parents: Please don’t teach your daughters what to wear or how to behave. Instead, teach and educate your sons how to behave with a girl.


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