We don’t know, if our this life is the last one or there are more..?

We don’t know, if we come back on this planet or not..?

We don’t know,  if our friends, or family member’s will meet again or not?

We don’t know, if get same dad and mom again or not?

We don’t know, if we will have same brothers and sister again or not?

We don’t know, If we will have same wife and kids or not

We don’t know if  we will have same luxuries (house, car, food, clothes) or not?

We don’t know if you will be born again or not?

But one thing we definitely know,  they are here now, with us. 

So why to waste this moment.  You have this moment of now. You give them full love, and attention. Give yourself full love and attention. Not only on mind level, but also on physical level, do exercises keep your body fit. Gratitude everything whatever you have. Leave everything wherever happened in past, as its happened you can’t change it. Stop worrying about future because you don’t know when will be your last moment. So enjoy this moment of now fully. 

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