I heard a man saying I use to donate alot i use to give poor money , I help needy people but the help is not actually help because he use to say everyone this wherever he goes. So he not rich by heart just to feel the pride he use to do so , apart from that he never give a single penny to his own mother , she use to tell him that I need some money just for my daily necessities but he never gave her money because he was aware of that if he will go and tell others that he use to give money and help her own mother than people will say it’s your duty and it will never make him feel that pride , so he never wanted  to waste this money on her own mother but he was not aware of that keeping her mother happy is all what you need the most beautiful pride is to keep your mother happy because she is the person who gave you this life your breathe the reason of your survival is your mother , it’s your responsibility to her happy to make her smile like the way she did when you was kid you can never give her that part back by money or anything else but atleast you can be with her. So don’t feel proud if you cannot make your own parents happy even after being wealthy you can’t manage to fulfill their wish all your wealth is waste. They are the reason of your identity. 

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