Here is a story of Indian ancient culture blooming with the spirit of devotion.

Two sages were meditating on God for decades then their came a master. Master is known as the representative of God so both the sages were eager to ask the same question.

Master went to the first sage who was sitting under the banana tree and the sage asked ” How much time it’ll take to meet god”? Master replied “For that you need to count the number of leaves of the tree under which you are meditating and multiply that with ten thousand then you will find the number of years required .

The first sage lost his hope after thinking about the journey of seven thousand years and went back.

Now Master went to the second sage who was meditating under the neem tree and he asked the same question and the Master replied the same.

Master was surprised when he saw the second sage dancing out of happiness and asked ” Didn’t you calculated the number of years required? ” and the sage replied ” Firstly let me express the happiness for the confirmation of meeting with God”

In no time God was their in front of him.