“See, this will happen!” I would tell my mother each time I had some glimpses of future events. As if having a sneak peek in the future I would take immense pride in revealing it to my mother ‘see this will happen to so and so person’ I would say. I enjoyed those visions of the ‘time to come.’ I considered myself as someone who could see the future.

And it was so thrilling to see the scene actually happening in front of my eyes, just exactly the way I had a vision of it. Something that had once cropped up as a faint image in some corner of my mind was actually turning out to be true.

Sometimes a thought would just flash in my mind; a sudden thought about a person or some event and it would always transpire as I had claimed it to be. And they were serious predictions, not the usual ones like, ‘it will rain today or not! Or who will win the match!’ They were real things about real people just waiting to be true.

But then my excitement was short-lived. After basking in the happy future predictions, I began to visualize unpleasant things that would happen in the near future. Now, this was something scary; like an upcoming sorrowful scene, lurking in the darkness, around the corner, ready to pounce. To perceive something awful that will happen in the future is not a ‘wow’ moment. I needed to get out of this disturbing phase and did not wish to see those unpleasant events happening in reality.  

But why was all this happening? I asked myself. Was it because I was too much emotionally involved in people? Or was it for the reason that I loved to dwell in my own fantasy world of happy and sad moments? Could it be that I actually applied my logic and predicted? Or was it simply because I watched too much of movies and read the ‘Secret Seven, Famous Five and Nancy Drew’ series. The reason was hard to discover, but this all was turning really bad. I did not want myself to get tangled in the forecast of unpleasant events.

I had to block that space from where those thoughts arrived. But was it so easy? I tried to disconnect from people at an emotional level. Physically, I was present with them.  But the moment I felt that I was sinking in an emotional connect and trying to invade those reserved places of my mind. I would instantly block those areas and shift my attention to something else. But cutting off people mentally was certainly tasking. So instead, I thought I should do something productive and focus on myself and on my studies. And slowly I managed to come out of the future prediction story, though it was not that easy.

But I know that area is still active in me. A bit of negligence to block that space soon gives rise to new visions connected to people around me. Some good some bad… while good ones are nice to see and I feel elated well in advance, but bad visions truly scare me out.

Though I sort of blocked my thoughts, I wish I could make something delightful out of it. Maybe I could discover something wonderful. 

P.S:- I have not mentioned any of the events in particular as they were of my close family members and near and dear ones.