Swamiji in one discourse said as a man s basic fabric is ( kaam/ kaam in which he gets calm) ,same way jealousy can not be taken out from a Females inherent nature.Maybe she has invested too much in the relationship and expects possessiveness towards certain relationships/ material things as a feeling of sole ownership.  I consider myself considerably non greedy and non materialistic not having the main focus of life as heavy sarees ,jewelery or branded purses. Still I would like to confess pre Swamiji Era in this life at times I felt very indifferent and exploited or even at times extremely Great( that I don’t create a ruckus which most freinds I know in similar circumstances do)when both my mother in law and sister in law only talked ,exchanged( among both of them)and bought jewelry .Lot of times my explanation to my untamed blabbering mind which use to accuse me of my coward and foolish personality to not stand for my equal rights and still accompanying them as a compulsion without any advice taken from to jeweleryshop.Lots of times I explained myself why should I bother, neither are they spending my Father s money nor my husband’s and its their Favourite hobby and time pass to talk hours of jewelry and sarees ( nothing bad about it ). My father in law had always been a caring and loving rational man who got me jewelry too around 10% value of what both my Mil and sil bought but if not snakes doing summer Saults on my chest( dil Parr saanp lotna),I definitely never felt delighted or jolly at those occasions. God has been extra loving to give me enough materialistic possessions to keep in locker ( how often we wear those diamonds or precious jewelery) ,but still I move away from the place when on phone too my mil and sil talk about which jewelry to be exchanged, worn and discussed! Some more Vairaagya to be worked upon.

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