I took a short break from usual life, going out and meeting friends, talking over phone with friends and family, reading something in internet etc for a week( I just continue reading Bhagvad-gita during the time I did not sit for meditation) and invested that time in intensifying my Sadhana. The silence you experience within is absolutely blissful. I wonder sometimes how blissful would be the state of a realized yogi who is established in the divine presence, the knower of brahman, who has become the presence himself, one can only wonder, put the sincere efforts and wait for the grace until then.

The below bhajan is an attempt to describe the glory of the divine presence within, that absorbs all the activities of mind and make it merge, like a stream of different rivers merge in an ocean. When this happens, you understand the intent of “Baptism” that Lord Christ talk about so fondly in the Bible.



Hindi Lyrics with English Translation:

Tum praanon ke bhi praan ho,

You are the life and source of the life-force that sustains this universe,

Tum ayan ho, vishraam ho,

You are the journey that mind travels over lifetime, and You alone are the one where mind can rest for eternity,

Jal,thal,pavan,agni bhi tum,

You alone has manifested as the power of taste, smell, touch, and vision,

Tum visva ban vistaar ho,

You alone have manifested this cosmic dream of world upon yourself;

Kann-kann tumhi se ujjvalit,

The entire universe is manifested by the light of your awareness,

Un kiranon ka bhi saar ho,

And you alone are the unmanifested out of which all the states of awareness comes forth,

Yeh geet,svar,tumhi to ho,

You are the music and the seven notes,

In dhvaniyon ka sanchaar ho,

You alone are the movement of vibration within out of which sounds emerge,

Yeh mridu, katu sunę shotra jo,

Whatever pleasant and unpleasant our ears hear,

Un shotra ke digpaal ho,

You alone are the power of hearing through which our ears hear;

In essence, its you alone , pleasant or unpleasant ,who we hear ;

Tum arka ho, tum Chandra ho,

You are the principle of heat and light, You are the principle of coolness and nourishment,

Tum bhaav ho aur abhaav ho,

In You alone the feeling of having something and not having something appears,

Tumse hi upaji shrishtiyaan,

You alone are the cause of unlimited creations within universe,

Tum sakal loka aadhaar ho,

And You alone as pure awareness  are the substratum of all those universe.


Jai Shree Hari 🙏🙏🙏