Are you crazy ? My sister asked me this question when I announced in home I got job in Banglore as SAP Basis Consultant . Do you know bangluru city ? How big it is and their culture is totally different than us . Language is different , Food is different . You dont know anything about that side . How will you manage everything alone there ? Better you search job here only in Pune city .

My sister was not wrong . I didnt had experience to stay alone out side from my city . Yes I was in Mumbai for few months for my job but now going to Banglore was totally new to me . What to do ? I was thinking . I didn’t wanted to leave this opportunity . I was new in this SAP field and if I wanted to be perfect in SAP installation and support , I need to gain knowledge from best SAP company . I had searched on internet about this company from which I had got offer letter to join . This was Arteria SAP Implementation and support company with very good rating . Ya , this was small company but I knew if I join this , I will gain lots of knowledge here . This was golden opportunity for me .

I talked with my father regarding this and as usual he didn’t said NO to me . I thought now girls are going out of India also for Job . I think I will handle everything . That time my passion , my career dream , flying high aim was not allowed me to reject this job offer.

I went to bangalore with my father . We searched girls PG near to white field area which was near to my company . My father left me by doing all arrangement for me . Next day , when I enter in company premises Oh my my I felt so happy by seeing such big campus . I had so much excitement . But situation was not that much easy which I thought .

There were lots to learn about SAP in my company . As I had choosen SAP Basis field , It was totally SERVER side and 24 / 7 support . In other side , sometimes I was facing difficuty of language . People speak english but tone was different and hindi they dont know . In hostel , meal was totally different . I had habit to eat Chapati ( Roti ) normaly but in my PG always different different types of Rice was cooked . In my room it was three sharing bed with tiny cupboard . Little place to move and Bathroom was always engaged . From my office I was getting call from any time and worst situation was that time when SERVER DOWN !! I had to run to office if this problem comes .

I had signed 2.5 years bond in company . In this period , I changed many PG’s and I learn little little Tamil language also . I visited many places with my friends . I tried to explore myself by gaining SAP knowledge .  By luck I met to SWAMIJI in Bangalore !!

This period was very hard to me but it was enjoyable too . I feel people from south are very helpful and kind in nature . I love south nature beauty . Sometimes I called to my sister and my father to visit . They too liked to be there . So I will say , this was great period of my life to learn many things . This tought me so much . I became Independant . When you stay in hostel you will become more careful , more alert about self .

Talking about Elephant sitting on tree, I feel same for him , may he also came out from his family for change . To see , to feel different world . To think about what NEXT ?

He leave his family but trying to explore new world , new way , new path of life . This will be definately change him lot !!

Try to explore yourself , Go On , Come out from comfort zone , New Way is waiting for you ❤️

Peace .

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