Being human problems are inevitable in life

One goes another comes

Small, big, serious, casual, obvious, oblivious covert, overt, near,distant

They raise hoods in many forms

We distract, we hide, and we pretend that they don’t exist

We spend days finding solutions, we try ways to fix them

Sometimes it works, often it does not

They disappear momentarily and appear again, at times in compounded forms

Then no ‘How to do it’ or ‘ Step by Step’ instructions written in any manual works

Need is to understand the fundamental nature of the problem

If you remain worried about your expenses and always end up buying unnecessary stuff,

Try to understand your psychology about things and the reason for this habit

If disrespect from others is bothering you then look into the boundaries,

You have set for yourself to tolerate that in the first place

The fever, pain, cough, and weakness are simply the symptoms

An analgesic, antipyretic, or expectorant may give some relief

But unless you diagnose the disease and take the treatment accordingly, they may not go away fully

It is the same as if you want to understand the patterns of your mind

Mere study of the brain won’t help

Meditate and experience what the mind is

Solutions are tempting but they rarely solve anything

Because finding a fix removes our attention from the problem

It is only when we understand the fundamental nature of the problem  it can be eradicated

Dig deeper and drain the shallow….

If you understand the why, the how will take care of itself

Image : Pixabay