A little girl sitting on terrace,

Listening to the chirping of birds,

Sound of wind, feeling it inside

Observing the movement of sun,


Continuously thinking to herself


Exploring “God”

And suddenly a thought came,

Why are you searching God

God is here

She said inquisitively – where

Arey!! God is inside you.

Oh yes!

Then she expressed gratitude to God

And said, Oh God love you a lot

Be with me always,

Bless me with your divine grace & lots of love & infinite blessings

And protect me & keep me in your warm embrace.

God Replied- Amen! My Angel👼

Ever wonder  how we roam all around in search of God. But he is just sitting silently in heart. It’s for us to make an effort to look inside and find him there in our soul. As we all see every where in search of our quest…I take opportunity to mention a quote worth pondering:

“Some look west

Some look east 


I believe it’s best to look within.”

One will find all answers and find immense peace. And it’s the seat of God.

Jai Sri Hari🙏🌸


~Neelam Om