Someone said something amazing, “Someone frighten det God is watching and someone believe det God is watching.”

Hello everyone, I’m Kajal……coming with a beautiful story. Story of a rich man.

There was a man who rich enough, who always down to Earth. He always thank to God for everything what he gave, he believe in God in any circumstance of life.

One day he went to the seashore. He felt like going to sail in the sea. He hired a boat and went out into the sea. He walked a little away from the shore,  there was a storm in the sea. His boat started to turn upside down. Quickly he put on his lifejacket and jumped into the sea. Keeps on swimming, in a while reached an island.

When he reached there first he looked up at the sky and said thank you to God that he saved his life from this storm and prayed that you will take me out of this deserted island. I have full faith in you.

Now he had to stay there until some help came. Started getting hungry. There was a forest on the island, plucking fruits and eating them. This became his routine. He used to eat fruits from the forest and prayed to God every day, ” Please send someone here to take me. I have full faith in you.”  Just like this, 15 days passed.

Now his patience was starting to break but the faith he had in God was intact.

It had been a long time now, he thought that now something has to be done to live. He started building a hut. He started collecting wood from the forest and in three to four days he built a nice hut for himself. Standing outside that hut and was thinking that ‘today I will get to sleep in the hut,’ in that the sky became cloudy and it started raining heavily. At that time there was a strong lightning in the sky and it fell on the hut. The hut burned down. A big wooden spark started rising.

Now the self-confidence of the person who was there seemed to be destroyed. Tears started coming from his eyes, he sat down and with his hand on his head and started speaking to God; “Oh God, it’s been so many days, you didn’t send any help, but somehow i had prepared the hut by myself and you burnt it.” His mind got spoiled and he started cursing God, only then he heard a voice. On the sea shore two people were standing. He had a small boat. When rich man went to them, they said, “we were passing by here, only then we saw something burning, we understood that someone is trapped here who burns the fire and is giving us a message of help. We came here to put you out.”

On hearing this, the rich man got down on his knee and started apologizing to God that “Oh God, I was cursing to you but you burnt my hut so that someone could get the message that someone is here and my life can be saved. I’m a fool that I started cursing, you still haven’t left my side. Thank you God for everything, for every breath of mine.”

Guys, It is a small story but it tells us a big thing, especially to those people who think that God is not with us, we haven’t his support. Believe me, trust in God, he is always with us, he will definitely support us. With this I just want to say to you;

“With God’s blessings, with our sincere hard work and Bless of our mentor-our Om Swamiji , Let’s show whatever the world wants to do like us.”