Last week, our internet service connection broke down for a day and life came to a standstill in Canada. Phones stopped working, people couldn’t communicate, there was no TV for a day, banking was disrupted, federal employees couldn’t work from home and there were line-ups at border crossings. Even in grocery stores, the cashiers struggled with cash payments, counting the money again and again. It was a complete day of chaos for everyone.

The outage was not entirely unexpected for me. Just the day before, my wife had told me:

“You spend too much time on the internet. Can you stop doing this and talk to me instead?”

For a change, I agreed with her and shut off my device. For the next 24 hours, it remained inactive. Women, it seems, have an intuition about these things, they operate on a much higher plane than men.

I had ample time for reflection during the internet-free day. I had a moment of insight when I realized that the existence of God is very similar to the existence of wireless signals. We cannot see these signals or hear them, yet they influence everything in our lives.

Just like God.

Atheists deny the existence of God because there isn’t any evidence of his presence. However, is there any evidence of the existence of wi-fi signals that we can detect with our senses?

The wi-fi signals are all around us. They are in the air; they can even travel in the stratosphere where the satellites live. However, we need special devices to observe these signals and do something useful with them.

Maybe, God works in the same way. His signal is stronger in sacred places like temples, churches and mountain tops. Some people are more sensitive to these signals, and we call them self-realized. We can become self-realized too, using the right techniques; the whole purpose of life, perhaps, is to move towards the self-realized state.

For using wi-fi signals, two techniques seem to work well. The first is getting a proper understanding of how the system works. Scientists and engineers understand how these signals work, how they can be created and how they can be transmitted. The second important technique is receiving these signals so that they can be used effectively. For this, a proper receiver is required. Without the receiver, the signals are of no use to us.

When God sends us signals, the understanding and the reception occur in our own bodies. The receiving device is within us, we have to tune it to the right frequency. For understanding how the signals work, we have the sacred texts, the religions of the world and great spiritual teachers like Om Swami Ji. However, we have to become good receivers and no one else can do it for us. We have to do our own tuning and activate our own devices.

The devices we use to connect to the internet get slower with age. To a large extent, the slowdown is because we install too many apps and create too many files. Each new app slows down the system until, eventually, the device stops working and we have to start looking for a new one.

Our brains are just the same. These are the devices we use for catching spiritual signals, but we tend to overload them. We keep installing new apps in the form of new books, new knowledge or new sources of information. Ultimately, the system is bound to crash. Most of these apps are useless anyway, they are simply distractions. We need to delete as many apps as possible from our limited brains. For most people, deletion is a very difficult task, as the ego gets in the way. We get attached to the apps, and once this happens, they are very difficult to uninstall.

The other big problem with devices is that there are too many systems running in the background, chipping away at the battery life. We have to learn how to shut off the background programs in our brains, otherwise, we too will run out of battery life. Once the human battery is gone, life as we know it comes to an end. We have to throw away the device and start all over again with a new one. However, the human battery gives us lots of warning signs before it finally dies; most of us are good at ignoring these signs and keep pushing our limits until something breaks down.

There is another quick fix for problems with electronic devices; it is called re-boot. Just turn off the system, isolate it from the network and then re-start it. This will fix 90% of the problems right away, as the system de-bugs itself. We, humans, do the same thing when we sleep at night, but it is only partially effective. Most of the background programs still keep running and show up as dreams. We need to do something more: do serious meditation and keep on doing it until the programs lose their strength.

Or we can just wait for the next internet outage. Trust me, it is a blessing in disguise if it lasts a full day or more.