Sometimes when life turns tough, we gradually lose our faith in God. It is not some Indian dramatic change where a person is going in front of the deity’s idol and with all resentment and frustration, he cries his heart out and declares officially that, ” Lord! Now I don’t trust you anymore.” 

But we gradually start losing hope in God’s existence, when prayers are not answered and our sorrows don’t turn into joys, easily.  At that time we need God the most but with shaking faith we become even more vulnerable. In this article I am going to provide a very playful and insightful way in which you may realize that God is not somewhere far but ever present by your side. This is not my method, but was introduced by Anandmurti Gurumaa when I attended summer youth shivir at her ashram. I will just write whatever I remember. 

Ok so let’s start! If I ask all of you that out of water and food, which one is more important for survival?

Some might immediately answer that food is important but think deeply, if you have no food for four days in comparison to you have no water for four days, you still think food is more important! No, water is much more needed for survival. In you might search this question , the answer that is found is: one can stay without water only for 3 days while without food a person can survive between 1 to 2 months. Now you may decide which one is more important for your survival. 

Next question, out of air and water which is more important for your survival. Okay let’s make the question easier, you have not drank water for 1 day and imagine you have not got oxygen for 1 hour? You might have got your answer and I hope it is air.

Now can you notice one thing that is what we need more,it is the law of nature that it has been provided in abundance or we can say that we can obtain that more easily. Like we can obtain water from any water body around us whereas for food farmers toil day and night then they harvest, send it to the markets and then someone buys it, cooks it and then eats it. In the same way, for air we don’t even have to go to any place, it is ever present in  the earth’s atmosphere. 

Thus it is clear that what we need the most is always present in abundance and is not far away. Just like that we all human beings, whether someone realizes it or not, everyone is yearning for eternal peace, even if someone is a drug addict, what he’s trying to find in his drugs is peace…although he might be ignorant about its temporary nature…but that’s what a fact is we all want happiness and peace. And it is also very true that sooner or later, we are all moving towards the love of lord, maybe not in this birth but maybe in the next or next to next birth. So what we all need is Love of God and I think he is far more closer to us than air, water or food.

 He is ever present for us because we always need him even if someone is a theist or atheist, one can’t take in the breath if God doesn’t wish him to. We are his reflection and he knows what we need. 

Now whenever life knocks you down, keep in mind, God is the master of millions of galaxies, and he knows what we need and what we need is-  ever present around us, that’s the law of nature. So we might not realize his presence because of our inner turmoil but he is there, ever present for us.