God speak to me 1

On Surrender

It is Hari’s will Alone

Which Permeates this Universe

I surrender my mind

and karmic knots to Him…


I am nobody, having nothing

In Maa Mahamaya’s Grand Principle

Here, Mahakaal is the Only One

Who arrives always on time…


With the strength of Hanuman

I can burn my hurdles

He is wisdom incarnate

He is the Hari Bhakt with eternal devotion…


I can taste this sweet feeling 

It is etching deep like some stone carving

I can smell the scent of Guru’s Grace

For he planted the flower’s seed long ago…


God! Speak To Me, I Only Have you

It is Your Will Alone, I have None

Waking daily to this is my only prayer

Like a Sunflower follows the Sun all day…


God I am unsure of myself

I doubt myself a lot

I don’t trust myself so easily

But I can trust you so tell me…


Can I make you my truest lover

And become Love

Can I make you my Sole Strength

And be strength…


You are the biggest inspiration

My Everlasting flame

God Speak to Me

I have Nothing…


PS:- In this poem I considered Shiva, the Mahakaal as the universal principle of time. I took Bhagwan Hari as the Will, the intent of the Universe; and Maa MahaMaya or Devi Maa as the illusion that operates in the universe.

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