I had addicted to chewing of tobacco for long time.  Even though I have addicted to this bad habit I had maintained a dicipline of chewing only 3-4 times a day. Once I started chanting and meditation and made it daily routine, a feeling of getting rid of this habit started but i ignored it.

Around October 2019 heart palpitation started. After check up it is diagnosed as VPC ( Ventricular Premature Complex) where heart skips a beat. Doctor adviced to stop tobaco,tea,coffee which stimulates VPC. I immediately stopped taking tobaco and lowered quantity of tea.

After taking 6 months medication and stopping tobacco palpitation stopped completely. After that i stopped medication gradually. Now i am completely free from VPC and not taking medication.

Sometimes i wonder god might have started my heart palpitation so that i quit chewing tobaco.

I am having feeling that when you sincerely do chanting and meditation, some force will start to work so that our bad habits stops.



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Manjunath Bhat


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