My grandson (GS) is eleven years old and grand-daughter (GD) is seven. I had a question-answer session with them. Following questions really disturbed me, I couldn’t satisfy them with my answers…..

GS—Is there God?

GD—Of course-there is God but how many gods are there in the world?

GS—There are many–Christians have different God, Muslims have different God, Jews have different, Greek God is different .

           Do they fight with each other?

GD—Silly, gods don’t fight. Naanu- how many gods are there in India, who is the most powerful, how they decide who– will answer the                    prayer of people?

Both came up with-if gods are there then devil must also be there and also the ghosts.

Gods, devils and ghosts–do they have their own  places  where they live. Why  we have assigned them separate places to live. Christian gods are in churches, Indian  gods are in temple and so on. When someone needs help how do they go as the doors are locked from outside. Why gods don’t do justice–some are so rich and some poor, why they are not equal, why , why, why….so many questions. I couldn’t answer any to make them understand…

Let me know your thoughts—how to satisfy appropriately these young mind!!!!!


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