God is god

Just like we know it

He knows it too well

You can play

Spread the wings of mischief


The one who grants us wisdom

Will He then not know

When to pull us

And when to let loose


He watches carefully

Sometimes closely

At other times from a distance

Then his gaze turns away

As if fixing the future


We are close to Him

Not coz we want it to be

But coz His graceful hands

Are placed upon us in glee


He makes us do things

He makes us laugh

And in that laughter

He makes merry

As if a child responding to the mischief


No matter how strong,

Our resolve to not let go

All withers away upon His sight

We hold on to sadness tight

Pearls of happiness He showers and makes us feel bright


If He is the universe

And everything in it

He is also a child

Soft and quiet


He knows not the petty ways of this world

Let Him breathe

Let Him be

Let Him also live

Like You and me


All glories to our Divine Master and cute Shri Hari ji