Today, I was giving ‘unofficial’ cricket training to my society children. A 12-year-old boy named Suchit, who plays good and is very passionate about cricket, told me that he wants to play in the cricket league one day, and I wish one day he does.

I told him that I have played cricket on a regional level, so he asked me lot of questions about improving his game that I really admire.

While training those boys, I bowled the toughest balls to him and gave the hardest catches to him, even though he is my favourite student. Then I realised, it is because I want him to be the best that I give him the hardest thing to do. 

The same thing God does with us, even though we all are god’s children. He makes life the hardest for those whom he wants to perform something special in the world.  

So whenever you feel that your life is the hardest to live, just keep in mind that God is preparing you for the best.