On the crowded roads of Delhi, Tilak Nagar, they just tricked me and within 2-3 minutes of a ride on an e-riksha, my gold bangle was gone. By the time I realised that my one  wrist is empty, it was too late.

Few days ago, at Noida, they stopped my husband , around 9.00p.m., asking for directions, and as soon as he rolled down the window glass to help them,  they , very smoothly cut/chemical use his gold chain and sped away on their bike. He could not realise how it happened  in one minute interaction with them.

Last year,  they came, snatched my mobile phone and sped away, while I was on a call.  My daughter was standing by my side. 

This is urban life in Delhi and Noida.

A very neutral feeling or may be no emotions for the ones who indulge in such activities.  But a heavy heart that now I do feel abnormal and sad while looking at strangers.  It, definitely, has impacted my kindness thoughts  . No anger or frustration, yet experiencing a sense of helplessness and  lack of good governance .

All this does impact the mind and practices like meditation and self-growth. The financial loss is nothing when compared to the impact on my heart. It feels bad to see the heart withering away😌

Still my Indian conditioning of wearing gold –  atleast a ring, ear rings and a bangle  – has not gone. Why?  I am seeking answer.🤔  I will not stop until I get one.

How I can get over this conditioning, am struggling to know? 

My dandawat pranaam to all the sadhvis,  around the world, who could get over this urge of wearing gold. 

Jai Shri Hari 🏵️🏵️