Golden step to holy self 1

Golden Step to Holy Self

The first step towards the void of holiness is listen to Silence; which should be learned. As Rume said: Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation. Rollo May in his book: Freedom & Destiny mentioned:

“Meditation is a way, available for most of us without a radical changing of our vacation. No matter what form or stripe this meditation may take- yoga of the physical or mental variety. Zen Buddhism, Tao…….they all have in common the aim of providing channels to deeper levels of experience by means of the pause.

All forms of meditation seek to change the character of the self, a change that involves a new relationship with the void. I speak of the “holy” void because holy, coming from the word whole, refers to the mystical experience of griping the wholeness of the universe in one’s meditation.

Listening is our most neglected sense. Meditation seems magical and curative because it opens one’s vision and being to a new world, a brightly colored world, conductive to calmness and peacefulness.”

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