Atomic Habits by James Clear

It is one of the most popular and practical book for cultivating good habits.

Let me pen down some takeways for you from this gem of a book.

1.  Tiny changes make big differences

2. Instead of focusing on the end result focus on the actions that lead to it. For eg. Instead of being a body builder focus on being the person who loves to workout.

3. If you are 1% better today than you were yesterday then your are on the path to success.

4. It is the anticipation of a reward, not it’s fulfillment that gets us to action.

5. Your habits are modern day solutions to ancient desires.

6. If you are caught up in a bad habit then instead of focusing on  negative effects focus on the benefits of quitting it.

7. If you want a habit to last long then you need to feel successful immediately after starting it. No matter how small the success is. So, every little success matters

8. The Habit tracking routine is the best way to make yourself feel successful. I have tried this practically. When you keel track of a habit you don’t feel like quitting after coming even a little far.

9. Start with small habits. Instead of thinking “I need to make my bed” which makes it sound tedious, say to yourself ” I am a person who loves making bed”

10. The preparation of Victory is born at a tiny level known as successful habits.




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