Gooey thinks he is a “spiritual-diarist.”

There should be no shame if Gooey; the tiny, good-natured sheep that adorns any form that he wishes, wants to sit across from the mountains at 4:30 am and wants his stories to be told and silent discourses be vocalised. Sheep do have a way to vocalise. You will be amazed by the intelligence of sheep and “Gooey”, indeed, is a world-class sheep!

The basis of his life’s stories is that they are purely experiential and born out of immense moment-by-moment contemplation over his thoughts, emotions, feelings, inward reactions, and outwardly responses to the world.

Gooey was born in the year 2013 in humble settings but was later set out for sale in a swanky mall in Gurugram (Gurgaon back then). I noticed him dangling with a price tag tacked into his body. I wondered how painful it must be for the real animals to be put up for sale if a mere sight of this cotton-bodied animal Gooey (the stuffed toy) is so painful for me; perhaps for some other humans too.

I am very sensitive to others’ pains and my creative imagination runs wild to weave some connection with the realities of life. These pains pull me to my vision of “assisting human-transformation.”

Gooey (as you see him the banner image) instantly jumped out to me sensing my energy, and I got him out of that stellar mall into the simple settings of my home back then. The promise was, that still stays unbroken – he would always be around no matter what!

By the way, to tell you the truth, Gooey made me realise that “home” is not a transient destination; it is the spiritual centre that rests within, although it does have a dictionary meaning – residence; the walls that are the assembled-bricks of love, compassion, coziness, protection, care and companionship.

These bricks and walls can change but “home” can not. Did sages ever have a home other than their own meditative centre?

Just as Gooey had promised, he continues to be around, and pops out his spiritual wisdom to share with me, especially when I doubt my own faith–handholding me into a bright space of hope and light. 

Gooey says– Meditate and dissipate the unnecessary, and you shall find home.