There were those eyes … and then there was this smile
And it feels like years since I have known you
In the smoothness of a blank sheet of paper
You have seen the days the shy sun didn’t show up
And days when it just burnt your skin
And the nights you just wanted to sleep but couldn’t
And now you think you are oblivious enough
To seep into the background and never
Be noticed again
Just like a cold summer breeze
Is forgotten the very next moment.

But trust me, my love
Despite numerous wounds that, as yet, demand a heal
You are a lot stronger than all
The happiness ever demanded (and ever will be)

You do remember the way you used to be
And what you are, despite all and everything
And you miss it
And you think you can hide it all
Behind those mesmerizing eyes
And a life-saving smile
But darling that’s the best thing about stars
They shine their brightest, no matter what.

Just let yourself melt one more time
To the hands of freewheeling
And find yourself as what you always
Wanted to be
On the surface of this ink
And be the skyline of a full moon night.

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