When you open your eyes, it’s Her Grace. It’s Her Shakti flowing through your nerves and veins.
The stillness and quietude is Grace.
The warm, cozy feeling on the bed, the comfort is Her Grace- Sukhdayani
The pure water we drink is Her Grace – Nirmala
The feeling with which we bow down to Her Divinity instilling humility and killing pride from our consciousness is Her Grace- Nirmada Madnashini
Any act of kindness we do without personal gain in mind is Her Grace- Nirmama
The feeling of contentment is Her Grace- Lobhnashini
The positive thrush we feel within from the Vedic mantra chants is Her Grace- Sarvamantra Swarupini
It’s Her Grace when someone smiles at you lovingly- Charuhasa
The rejuvenation after a deep sleep is Her Grace- Supta Pragyatmika
It’s Her Grace when we have a healthy wholesome meal- Annapurna
The compassion we feel for others is Her Grace- Karuna Rasa Sagar
The feeling of being loved is by Her Grace- Vandaru Jan vatsala
The soothing, calming, cooling moonlight is Her Grace- Tapatrayagni Santapt Samhalaadn Chadrika
And the greatest Grace is Her Bhakti conferred upon Her devotees which fills the mind with Supreme Love and devotion for the Universal Mother (Lalita Ambika), Narayani.
Everything happening is by Her Grace. I pray to have the mindfulness to feel and embrace it.

Thank you for reading. Forgive me for any errors.

All Glories to Ma

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