The day i got inducted in H.l l ( ice cream division) my first day of work was neither office nor any training programme but a Distrubutor point. Ice cream industry works in a cold chain way where end user is a customer who in turn buys ice cream from a shop ,an ice cream vendor or an ice cream parlour who are fed by the sub distributors of their local area who in turn r supplied ice cream by a Main distributors who have big freezers and storage facilities and deal with the Main company directly! So they send their daily orders to the c.f.a ( carrying and forwarding agency) who have big cold storage and supply them required orders.My job as a Lower managerial cadre was to take care of pilferage which ice cream industry faces upto 20% due to poor electricity supply or lack of Dry ice( dry eyes as some shop keepers would say) ! So on first day i was sent to the West delhi ice cream division distributor who was my Asm( area sales manager s favourite) .I got to know this later that because he used to pay for clothes ,fridge ,t v and out of station hotel bills of the ASM he was the blue eyed boy with Delhi s biggest market share.He was a man in his late 40s with curly hair and a wheatish complexion aswell a growing belly and a constant habbit to chew Paan.But on first day of my work only he was very courteous, sweet and humble to make me have lunch which his wife had packed for him in his cabin.He also explained to me the working of ice cream industry aswell made me aware of the other 8 distributors of Delhi , I was just a 22 year old fresher with enthusiasm and youthful energy to be in awe listening to what all Naresh ( the west Delhi distributor ) told me! I still remember I wore a Pink chiffon suit with hand painted red rose on it and long danglers on the first day at work when Naresh made me sit on his computer table to show sales patterns on week ends and different months of the year! In evening another good looking gentle man visited the distributor point with fat golden chain and a rope like Gold bracelet, Naresh introduced me to him saying he is Lovely the adjacent area distributor! I never realised he never told Lovely my name ,designation or work! Lovely scanned me like an x – ray from my breath ,length and volume! Quiet latchy did i find Lovely who was actually Naresh s rival. When Lovely was about to leave i told him ,tomorrow i come to your Distributor point and smiled waving him good bye( not atall professional) ! There were 8 ice cream distributors in Delhi and my job was to be on each point once a week! Next day when i reached Lovely s ice cream depot he greeted me as if i was a princess and at lunch time offered me to take to his home for Lunch with his wife! I dint mind that ,and on the way the very first day of working with him ,he casually remarked,i never knew you r from company , i thought Naresh has a very pretty and young Girl freind! It was quiet embarrassing for me ,I was just a college and diploma pass out ! Any way at his most elegantly and royally decorated home we had a very tasty lunch with an extremely Greaceful beautiful and elegant wife and a cute son who served us with most etiquettes in exclusive cuttlery laid as a hotel! After lunch we had to cover the market .On the way Lovely tried to talk a little loose with me commenting on the fragrance of my deodrant but i snubbed him , an hour into marketing and i straight on his face asked him ,Lovely you have such a perffect wife why do u flirt around? I said so because on our route the way he scanned women and talked loose to them was quiet cheap! He said Meera…do u keep eating home food all the month? When you get bored you eat chinese ,south indian, mughlai or thai food! For me women are like that, i ultimately go back like daaal roti to my wife but to have variety i love to be with different women! Weather he was truthful to admit this or morraly not strong …who am i to comment but it made my conditioning break that to win a heart of a Husband a wife has to be pretty ,presentable, well dressed ,beautifully groomed ,have a son ,cook deliciously or keep the house in perffect order!