It was late at night, I was struck by deep pain in my abdomen and was rushed to hospital. I was taken to the emergency room of the hospital. It was chilly late November, the emergency room seemed to be more cold and painful. The beds were filled with sick people, I was not feeling good at all. The nurse in the emergency room asked us to have patience until the related doctor arrives.
I was in pain but at the same time, my eyes stuck towards another patient lying on a bed close to mine.A very old woman, sleeping like she was unconscious. Our beds were close to the main entrance of the emergency room and the chilly air was making the conditions worse. A young boy, maybe 20 years old, was moving around her bed. He seemed to be so concerned about her, he touched her feet, which was probably ice-cold. He just moved around the emergency room, rolling his eyes, searching for something and he quietly picked up a blanket from an empty bed at the corner of the room. He wrapped the blanket around the woman and covered her feet properly.
He asked her- “Granny are you feeling warm? Are you Ok?
The old woman was very exhausted and didn’t even have enough energy to answer him.
After a few minutes, the Doctor arrived in the emergency room. He checked me and gave me some injections. He suggested that I should wait for at least half an hour till I feel fully relieved.
The old woman’s grandson turned towards the doctor. “ Please take out the catheter(a device used to drain the bladder) and other things from her body, it’s very uncomfortable for her.”- The young boy requested.
“Okay, make her drink some more liquid and try taking her to the toilet, only after that I’ll be able to take it out,” Doctor replied.
In the meantime another woman arrived near that old woman, I assumed it was her daughter or daughter-in-law.
“ I am very tired, why don’t you drink some soup, it has been hours and we have been waiting for so long.”She asked the old woman.
She really looked tired.
She had a tiffin box in her hands and tried making the old woman drink some soup, the old woman was not able to sip more than a few spoons.
“ You will not be able to go home if you drink like this, Oh my God.”The lady looked furious this time.
She got a phone call so she went out of the emergency room to take the call.
I was feeling a bit relieved, I stood up and sat on the bed. But my eyes were constantly on my neighbor’s bed.
The young boy was constantly moving around the old woman. He was trying to make her drink some more soup but she was not willing to. The nurse that was attending the old woman, came with something in her hand. Again the young boy was on the old woman’s side. There was some liquid food for her. He almost forcefully took the bottle from the nurse.“ She feels like vomiting, please don’t force her, give that food to me” – The young boy tried to protect this old lady in every way.
“ Take out these instruments from her body, She is too old to bear them.” he persisted with the Nurse.
“ It’s the doctor’s order, he knows well”- The Nurse replied patiently.

Again there was a noise in the corner of the emergency room for a bed without a blanket. The smart guy carefully overlapped the two blankets over his Granny so nobody could find the lost blanket. He was restless and moving around her bed like a worried father concerned for his little daughter. His Granny seemed to be too weak and old to be able to acknowledge the love and concern he showed to her. On the bed next to his Granny, I was observing them at times.
I was feeling more relieved, my doctor prescribed me some medicines and suggested a detailed checkup the next day. I was on my way back home, still thinking about the moment in the hospital. Often, I have seen parents being concerned about their children, sometimes children are concerned about their old parents but a young grandson being so concerned about his old Grandmother was a very rare sight for my eyes.

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