My Deep Gratitude to Om SWAMIJI, I feel so light with invisible wings, Flying from my past of Why me Syndrome.🕉 Resulting in let go Attitude… There by Lessening my karmic Retribution.. It all starts with a gentle smile. During my first session, I was really shocked, with The List of So many people to be Forgiven..SWAMIJI helped in prioritising the Least in my Mind..There is ample time Everyday to forgive others; forget the hurt through divine compassion.⏳ it is a win win situation… It becomes easy to repay debt of Gratitude to those very people ..Just an incredible Breakthrough… Ironically, my past Karmic Accounts seem not to be settled for ever.I experience these hurts, pointers, triggers on daily basis,may be unintentionally, their second nature..SWAMIJI is Guiding in my Daily cleansing of Negativity, through his Sincere Guidance. My karmas 🏄 are turning into a mission,by practising compassion,                                       My each Morning, starts with black lotus forgiveness meditation. After 7 decades of breathing on this planet and being very ,logical, indeed its his grace to release mind from shackles of hurt or feeling deceived.

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