Morning prayer is a way to thank our god for giving us another day and another opportunity to do better than yesterday. We have so much in life to be grateful for. Our family, our physical well being and resources to live a healthy and comfortable life if nothing else. Spending a few mins in the morning recognizing it and expressing our gratitude to the divine for all we are blessed with creates a wave of positivity. This way we start our day with the view of what we have versus what we want.

Since my early childhood, following my parents’s  footprint I had this routine to do a small prayer after bath but later when I moved out of town away from my family; before even  I could realize this ritual somewhat got limited to just folding hands or mentally praying while getting ready for work. Everyday began with a mad rush to hurry up and catch the morning local train in the busiest route in Mumbai.

Since mornings are a lot better now I started to do morning pooja. Getting up early in the morning at a set time everyday and doing a small pooja has a day long effect and keeps us closer to our god. Small so we are able to do it everyday and it does not become like a task on our busy days. No prizes for guessing the motivation behind it – our beloved Om Swami. Its also a part of daily duties of an adept (Nitya Karma) 🙂

It may sound exaggerated that I feel I am really blessed to be able to do it and I offer my gratitude to the divine for giving me such a wonderful life and lifestyle which allows me to do so. 

Now on a side note…

It was yesterday in the evening. I was on my desk working on on my computer when I heard this screaming. It was my six years old boy. He suddenly started screaming. He was excited and loud…. Papaaaaaa !! Om Swami….. Little om swami…. i love you om swami.. I couldn’t understand and looked behind only to see they had just unpacked a gift. See the image below to see what it was 🙂