I sat for dinner and did my gratitude prayer like any other day. However, instead of eating, I was observing what’s on the plate. My plate had roti, rice, dal, baingan sabzi, and aamras. I started gratitude prayer before eating meals just a year ago but this time it was different. I was contemplating on everything and everyone who got me all of this.

There must be a group of people who toiled to grow wheat, it was transported at places, it must have gone under some treatment, storage, and care, then to the shops and bought by someone’s hard-earned money. Now the dal has 10 ingredients so does the sabzi. Just the dinner plate has the sweat and hard work of about hundreds of people.

This applies to everything that is around me. Someone must have done something that I have water supplied to my house, electricity, food, clothes, people cleaning drainage, roads, all the discoveries done in various fields, people protecting us, everything that I use… I can’t even list down the ‘everything’. I realized it was not really sensible to say ‘I am where I am because of me’, it’s true I worked hard but did I thank all the people who had to lose opportunities so that I can have them? No.

When I look around, I don’t have to create air, water, earth, sunlight, trees, vegetables, flowers, etc, everything already exists. This body is not mine, the soul is not mine (want to know how? Click here). 

Contemplating deeper and deeper…

I don’t have to breathe, I don’t have to digest food, I don’t have to do all the chemical, hormonal business, I don’t have to pump the blood, it all occurs in the body. 

The Divine is extremely intelligent all the crucial and essential duties are on nature and the ‘just take care’ part is on us. Imagine if we had the breathing job, it would become miserable. Being alive is already a burden for most of the people in this world (prayers to them). 

Universe has been giving, we all are just taking. Almost everything is happening for us all we had to do is make good use of what’s given, be grateful, and simply live. 

Simply Live…

 I’m no more blinded by the ego, gratitude is not a choice anymore, it is my daily ritual, it is unavoidable, I can’t thank everyone personally but they’ll all be in my prayers. 

I am grateful for everything- happened, happening, and about to happen.

I am grateful to everyone who contributed to my success (health, wealth, relationships) and lessons of life.

Live, Love

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