Twenty seven inch large brand new eye care monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse. high definition camera, additional microphone, high speed internet and imported double mash fully adjustable chair. This is the workstation I use while working from home. Available to me 24 x 7 for a best in class experience. Very easy to lose sight of  being so fortunate to have this and start to believe that it’s a necessity , now a days everyone has it, whats is so special about it – only if I choose to forget the time when I requested people to let me use their home pc to complete my MBA assignments and waited outside their houses so I could make my resume and apply for jobs. It also reminds me how generous some folks were to let me do it. It isn’t easy to forget what I felt when I missed an interview invite from the clearing corporation of India just because visiting a cyber cafe to check mails everyday wasn’t feasible and wasn’t affordable.

Today I wish to express how I feel to have this blessing – Happy ~ Blessed ~ Thankful ~ Grateful