Nature’s way to repair our physical, mental and emotional being – Sleep. Scriptures have compared sleep to energy. At the end of the day when we are exhausted and tired sleep fills us back with energy and positivity. Imagine how we feel after eight hours of sound uninterrupted sleep. It’s refreshing, it’s rejuvenating. Enough research and work has been done to prove the importance of it and at the same time consequences of not having it enough. I feel blessed that I am at a place and my lifestyle is such that I am able to sleep peacefully.

My father never had this luxury for most of his life, I have seen him working 3 o’clock in the night, 5 in the morning, in the chilling winter and in burning hot summers. He worked in a railway station with no set timings. When I was a child I once visited him and saw him sleeping on a cupboard shelf using two office registers as his pillow. My mom who takes care of a full time patient hardly ever had a full night of sleep. They are not alone; there are enough people around us whose profession, surroundings, health condition and other challenges do not provide them with this blessing to be able to sleep at a time, duration and place they deserve.

I am grateful to have this pleasure and comfort in life.