One of the most precious and important factors for a life to survive and sustain – water. One of those things which become so obvious that we start to take them for granted. I have witnessed my mother pulling water from a well. I have seen her and other women carrying buckets from the only community tap in the area which worked only twice a day and people waited for their turn to get water. A personal tap connection came a lot later in life. There are many who are still surviving on the same community tap. Three decades later, even today these sights of people pulling water from wells or carrying water from miles are not uncommon in many countries including India.

There are more experiences which make me feel grateful about having access to clean and sufficient amounts of water. I survived on unfiltered water for years during my initial days in Mumbai, I did carry two bottles of water from my office everyday but at times that wasn’t sufficient. Later in my own place water came only once early in the morning and was hardly sufficient for one day’s requirement. On occasions I missed that time and ran to neighbors and friends with bottles in my hand.

Today, I express my deep sense of gratitude to the divine for blessing me with clean and sufficient water which is a luxury to millions.