Renowned mystic Kabirdas ji wrote the following couplet :

साईं इतना दीजिये, जा मे कुटुम समाय ।
मैं भी भूखा न रहूँ, साधु ना भूखा जाय ॥

( My Lord, kindly give me only that much money which is barely enough to buy food for myself as well as for my guests. )

Mangu Dev, a disciple of Kabir ji asked, “Master, why do you want only little wealth from the Lord?
Goddess Lakshmi ji ( Goddess of Wealth ) is His consort. He can gift you copious money.”

Kabir ji smiled and said, “Mangu, Lord hands out surfeit of riches only to those whom He wants to punish severely. Surplus money invariably brings miseries. As wealth increases, acquisitiveness increases. Human greed has no end.”

Yes, Kabir ji has rightly remarked that “Greed has no end”.

Every now and then we encounter incidents that corroborate Kabir ji’s reflection.

Illustrious tycoon and former Chairman of Raymond Group, Vijaypat Singhania, ensured that his son Gautam Singhania had all the luxuries of the world, pampered him excessively.
Soon Gautam became so greedy that he forcibly took the possession of Raymond Group from his father. He even ousted his father from his beautiful mansion. Now Vijaypat Singhania lives in a rented accomodation.

More recently, a Punjab Police official – earning handsome salary – was caught red-handed stealing four eggs worth Rs 20!

Inordinate money brings with it egotism, which is a major hindrance in realizing the true identity of oneself, attaining bliss.

One’s indolence, dependency increases with affluence. I have seen many opulent who can’t sleep without airconditoners, without sleeping pills.
They just can’t walk. Even for a distance of 100 metres, they need car.

I have noted that moneyed are more prone to vices, regularly organize cocaine/drug parties.

Well, just as Kabir ji has rightly remarked that “Greed has no end”, I have my own observation :
“More money means less peace”.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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