Every single day in court I come across a question which baffles me what if my client or my clients opponent had to choose this path of accumulating wealth power etc . Could he be not accommodative considerate and at times compassionate .
I came to one conclusion so long as there is greed the desire to collect what’s trivial and not necessary litigation will raise its head like a cobra biting even its master .

why can’t people learn to give up and build afresh . This thinking of all is mine has to go .Nothing in this world is permanent .

where dishonesty pride greed creeps in there is bound to be a discord which results in litigation . Sometimes the ego clashes ruin relationships which are already sewn with fine silk thread . I have seen brothers sisters fighting .the most pious relationship on earth mother son/daughter fighting for what a piece of wealth . Children should understand their parents are cause for their birth how can you fight with them who brought them up . Is it worth fighting in court over some wealth which anyways is going to stay behind .
friends who swore to live and die together becoming sworn enemies .

The sooner we learn to let leave the better place this earth will be . Greed is a monster which destroys everything .Only compassion understanding can restrain it . Let’s cultivate compassion and understanding for a better  rather than bitter tomorrow .

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