Indian Mythology gives a paramount significance to respect our elders, and the best way is to greet them by touching their feet whenever you meet them for the by touching their feet whenever you meet them for the first time of the day. It was a ritual in Hindu mythology to touch your elders’ feet at home as soon as you get out of the bed to seek their blessing and receive positive vibes that come from a happy heart. But was it the only reason or once again our ancestors tricked us with their intelligence?

Let us now see the science behind touching feet and let’s start from the very beginning. A person sleeping on a bed or a mat with their spine erect gets up after approx. 6 to 7-hour sleep and then as a routine move around the house to greet the elders usually up early. He first checks the place for where they are, and in the process, he relaxes his body muscles which could have been stiff after the sleep, and as soon as he finds his elders he bends down to touch their feet

mind it he is touching their feet not knees(It’s been a habit these days we down bow down to touch feet but casually bend a little to complete the formality.),

and by default, he is relaxing his backbone and not exerting yo do so. As he touches the right foot with a right hand and left foot with the left hand, he flexes his shoulders and arms and sometimes gets a spank on the back, which open up the nerves system.

A perfect way to make someone aware of his body an not even exerting much. Taking the mental solution bending down in front of someone is letting your ego go, and if you can part away from your ego in the very morning and get the blessing from your elders, it can be understood that your whole day would be blissful.

So, don’t consider it as a ritual, consider touching feet of your elders to make yourself fit, physically and mentally.

“True our ancestor were intellectual.